Recap: October 4, 2016 Meetup

Thanks to everyone who joined us for our second in-person meetup. Special thanks to David Jones for recording the talks: see the videos below and on our Youtube channel,

Thanks again to Lessonly for providing the space and to Expected Behavior for the pizza and drinks. And I’m pleased to thank our newest sponsor, Manning Publications, who let us give away copies of their two excellent Elixir books. Congrats to Andrew and Nathan who won copies of Elixir in Action and The Little Elixir & OTP Guidebook, respectively. If you’d like your own copy of either (or any book from Manning’s large collection), they’ve kindly given us a 36% off discount code: ug367. I used it myself!

Finally, thanks to Indy Hackers we now have a Flowdock channel. Click here to join, where we’ve been talking about the recent ElixirConf talks, asking questions, and solving problems with Elixir.


Miles Sterrett came through in a pinch and talked about his experience porting the Indy Hackers Job Board over to Elixir and Phoenix. He focused on some interesting authentication requirements and how to use plug to achieve them.

Scott Johnson gave a great introduction to the powerful automated provisioning framework Ansible and showed how to use it to set up any number of local or remote machines with Elixir and its dependencies. Scott’s posted the slides on his blog here.

Steve Grossi introduced elix, the Elixir-powered chatbot who now inhabits our Flowdock flow, and how to set up a chatbot on Heroku with hedwig, an Elixir chatbot library. Check out the open pull requests for additional robot superpowers (contributions welcome!)

See you next month on November 1, 2016!