Recap: March 7, 2017 Meetup

Thanks, everyone who joined us for Tuesday’s game-themed Indy Elixir! If you missed it, you can find recordings of past talks on our Youtube channel,

Thanks as always to our awesome sponsors who made tonight possible. And congrats to Chris and Brian, winners of Manning Publications’ excellent books Elixir In Action and The Little Elixir and OTP Guidebook.

The Talks

Lucas Falk started things off by demoing and walking us through a websocket-based app he built for agile planning poker. Using Phoenix channels for communication and a GenServer to hold game state, the app also has a great test suite and illustrates how to test these components of a real-time system.

You can check it out on Github:

Ryder Timberlake shared his work on an Elixir port of “Give Me Your Lunch Money,” an interactive fiction adventure game originally built with the Adrift toolkit and for which he composed the soundtrack. He covered loading static data into Elixir from YAML and handling user input from a game command prompt. Ryder fielded questions but also came with some of his own—including why you would build this in Elixir in the first place—leading to some great discussion.

Find the code on Github:

Following the new bi-monthly schedule, our next event will be on May 2, 2017! We’re looking for speakers—please let me know if you’re interested!