Recap: May 2, 2017 Meetup

Thanks to all who joined us on Tuesday to learn about using Elixir on embedded hardware with Nerves! If you missed it, you can find recordings of past talks on our Youtube channel,

A big thanks to our awesome sponsors who made tonight possible. Congrats to Amber and Lucas, winners of Manning Publications’ excellent books Elixir In Action and The Little Elixir and OTP Guidebook. And if you’re interested in reading more about IoT (Internet of Things) topics, check out Manning’s book Building the Web of Things, or their free intro Using the Web to Build the IoT.

The Talk

Steve Grossi gave this evening’s talk, demoing two simple Nerves projects on a Raspberry Pi: a blinking LED whose state you can view and update over the network, and a button circuit that tweets when you push it.

You can find the the slides and the demo repository online.

Want more hardware/IoT in your life? Check out these local meetups and events:

Our next event will be on July 11, 2017! It’s a week later than our usual first-Tuesday since that would be July 4. And we’re looking for speakers—please let me know if you’re interested!