Recap: November 7, 2017 Meetup

Thanks to everyone both familiar and new who joined us for Tuesday’s meetup! If you couldn’t make it, look for recordings soon on our Youtube channel,

Thanks as always to our sponsors who made tonight possible. And congrats to Mitch and Alex, winners of Manning Publications’ excellent Elixir books Elixir In Action and The Little Elixir and OTP Guidebook.

We tried something new for this event: an open-mic night where members could ask questions and share things they’ve been working on or thinking about in Elixir. It went well, and interestingly, everyone seemed to be thinking about games in Elixir.

Eric Oestrich gave an update on ex_venture, an Elixir framework he’s building for running multi-user dungeons (MUDs), a kind of online multiplayer role-playing game, with zones and characters modeled as BEAM processes.

Ryder Timberlake kicked off a discussion of approaches and tradeoffs to handling user “commands” when building games in Elixir, centered around his “Give Me Your Lunch Money” text-based adventure game.

Steve Grossi shared Sengoku, an online multiplayer clone of Risk built on Elixir and Phoenix channels.

Our next event in the new year will be on Tuesday, January 9, 2018 We’re looking for speakers—please let me know if you’re interested!