Recap: May 7, 2019 Meetup

Thanks as always to our sponsors for making tonight’s meetup possible. And congrats to Waseem and Garrett, winners of Manning Publications’ action-packed Elixir In Action and Phoenix In Action. As a reminder, you can use our group’s discount code—ug367—on for 36% off their books on Elixir and other topics.

This evening’s talks focused on Phoenix LiveView, a new library from the Phoenix team that lets you build rich, interactive user interfaces without custom JavaScipt.

Mitch Hanberg started us off with a talk about refactoring an interface component from JavaScript/AJAX to LiveView to enable real-time updates. The end result required less code and was easier to reason about, too!

Eric Oestrich shared how he used both LiveView and Phoenix Channels to create a live-updating “Player Count” widget on that updates all connected clients when the count changes. Check out his live stream to watch Eric build it.

Finally, we had some great discussion after the talks. Mitch shared some current work on an HTML DSL in Elixir. He came with a question for the group, but taught many of us a lesson in metaprogramming as we talked through it.

Our next event will be on Tuesday, July 2, 2019 We’re always looking for speakers—please reach out if you’re interested!