A New Meeting Platform and Not-So-New Conversation Space

Hey Indy Elixirists! You may notice some changes up in the IndyElixir.org header. Here’s what’s up:

📅 We’re Moving from Meetup.com to MeetingPlace.io

The MeetingPlace platform has some extra features we’re excited about (like better support for remote meetups), and best of all it’s built right here in Indy by our friend Chris Achard!

Please join us there and RSVP for our next remote gathering on August 4 at 7pm.

💬 Chat Has Mostly Been Happening on Slack instead of Flowdock

We’ve long had a chat room on the Flowdock platform (thanks IndyHackers for setting us up!). For a while, it was even home to our chat bot Elix. But times change, the broader IndyHackers community has largely migrated to Slack, and for many months the #indy-elixir Slack channel has had a lot more activity than our Flowdock flow. So, we’re saying farewell to Flowdock and centralizing conversation in Slack. If you haven’t already, you can join the wonderful IndyHackers Slack community at the link below, and join us in the #indy-elixir channel. See you there!


Thank you for being a part of the Indy Elixir community!